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  • „Dear friends! It is not the first time I’m at the plant. Over the years a unique plant was developed. The plant offers quality products, modern and demanded. AZPI- is a like-minded team consisting of high competent engineers and technical specialists whose aim is moving forward and making progress. Thank you for your work and look for innovative solutions for operational problems.”

    member of the Federation Council,
    of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

  • “AZPI today gives us the right example of the plant the product of which satisfies the most recent requirements of the domestic and foreign market and is in high demand in Russia and far beyond its borders.”

    Sergey Kogogin

  • “Thank you kindly for your welcome which was very warm and for giving me the chance to meet the entire team of the unique enterprise.”

    Walter Jurgen Schmidt, Ambassador of Germany in the RF

  • “It is encouraging to see a business partner with proven competence in diesel technology sector. Sometimes it seems that Barnaul is very remote from Germany, but honestly speaking Barnaul is situated in the center between Germany and Japan. I am convinced, AZPI-BOSCH relations will become stronger.”Bern Bohr, Management Board Robert Bosch GmbH, the President

    of Automotive Technology Branch (Germany)

  • “I am happy to visit AZPI 3 years after my last visit. AZPI has made large progress in production and technology development. I have no doubt that our collaboration in future will only get strengthened. I wish you further creative and financial success.”

    Peter Tiroller, Robert Bosch GmbH board member

  • “I hope that your company is OK and succeed. I must say that you and your staff have done a fantastic job to your nozzles. For sure you produce a world class product.”

    Bob Isherwood, President of AMBAC International (USA)

  • “This is my first visit to Siberia, and I hope to come back soon for more. I was amazed by AZPI high professional standard and by its very sincere hospitality.”

    Aparicio J Gomez, “Delphi Diesel System” Representative

  • “Thank you and your team for friendly welcome. We were amazed by professionalism, frankness and organization, and also by working process to differ positively from the ordinary one.”

    Dirk Prust, President
    «Chiron-Werke GmbH & Co.KG» (Germany),
    Daniel Schmidt, President of «Fischer
    Precise Group AG» (Switzerland)

  • “I was delighted to visit AZPI. Much attention is given to the production and to people as well. I wish success, prosperity, and development to AZPI team.”V.M.Platonov, CEO of Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, ltd

  • “It is indeed admirable what you do and how you see your future. Each of you, from CEO to operator, knows what he/she has to do. This is really cool. Maximum progress is being made at minimum costs- there is so much to learn from AZPI experience. Russian diesel engines with AZPI nozzles and Common Rail System will become the best diesel engines ever.”

    Yury Gerasimov, CEO of KAMAZ-Diesel

  • “It is a great pleasure to visit the existing production facilities. I’m glad to meet a talented Head of the enterprise – Viktor German.”

    N.A. Malikh, CEO of PA

  • “AZPI fosters continuous innovation and best practice. V.German keeps in touch with the word latest trends in technology to integrate them into the production.”

    N.Lobach, CEO of
    Minsk Motor Plant

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