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Production system


Quality. Progress. Prospects

These goals that became the motto of AZPI can be achieved with efficient labor organization for the staff of the company and with well-established modern production system.

What is AZPI production system?

In 2015 AZPI production system ideology was formed and named APS.

The main purpose of APS is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. The goals and objectives of APS are to create the conditions for permanent development, increase of the product range and output, streamlining any costs, improvement of business processes.

We believe that the efficiency of the company is preliminary the achievement of its employees. APS aims to create a culture of continuous improvement for changing the thinking of people, elimination of production losses and waste.

APS is the philosophy of our company based on lean production.

How does APS work?

Production system is more than just lean production, the latest technologies and state-of-the-art machines; it is an interdependent set of elements aiming to achieve the goal. But it is lean production that has given rise to the development of AZPI business. Lean production gave us tools to enhance productivity, to accelerate progress: 5S workplace organization, VSM - value stream mapping, QCO/SMED -workplace/machine changeover time, OEE- Overall Equipment Effectiveness and others.

The figures show the effectiveness of APS methods and principals: labor productivity of some key operations has increased by 26%, equipment effectiveness has increased by 50%.


Customer satisfaction remains a priority for AZPI. Quality as “satisfaction index” occupies the first place in AZPI corporate value system. AZPI production system (APS) and quality management system (QMS) both are focused on improving product quality.


The continuous scaling-up of the product range, developing and mastering of new advanced fuel injection equipment has become a distinguished feature of the company. AZPI maintains the leading positions in Russia in terms of production of the fuel injection systems for engines which meet the strictest environmental standards. A true breakthrough in the field of engine development in Russia was the first and the only one mass production of electronically controlled unit injectors(EUI). There are currently plans to produce complete mechatronic fuel injection systems.

Effective management practices such as assigning challenging objectives, establishment of strategy of development of engine building industry, not only in Russia, but in the world, are to be strongly emphasized by effective workplace organization for each employee and by well-functioning efficient production system.


AZPI plans are and always have been ambitious. Continuous improvement is our credo, our motto and ideology that allows the company to remain competitive. And there are no limits to improve.

The following objectives provide a non-exhaustive list of planned and already implemented at AZPI actions: Fuel-supplying systems like Common Rail for diesel engines for different purposes; import substitution with nozzles and injectors for foreign vehicles used in Russia and the CIS; in-house production of high pressure pipes; establishment of authorized service stations-net for AZPI fuel equipment. While all these objectives cannot be achieved immediately, efforts should be made to accelerate the processes with the help of forward-looking methods of workplace organization and wide range of lean production and problem solving tools.

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