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Injector T171.1112010-80


  • AZPI No.: T171.1112010-80
  • Analogue 11.1112010-392 39.1112010-02
  • Nozzle "6А1-20с2-80 «80»
  • Fuel injection pressure 180+5

For engines

СМД-60 СМД-60.2 СМД-61 СМД-61-02 СМД-62 СМД-62-А СМД-62А.01 СМД-62А.02 СМД-62А.03 СМД-62А.05 СМД-62А.05-01 СМД-62А.06 СМД-62Т СМД-2АТ СМД-62В СМД-63 СМД-63А СМД-63А01 СМД-63А01 СМД-3А.02 СМД-63А.03 СМД-63А.04 СМД-63А.06 СМД-3В СМД-64 СМД-66

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